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RIBAJ MacEwen Award

The Point

19 January 2017

The Point, a new youth centre in Tadley, has been shortlisted for the RIBA Journal MacEwen Award.

The MacEwen Award celebrates architecture for the common good and shines a light on buildings, places and spaces that actively benefit society as a whole.

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The Point

8 December 2016

The Point, a new two-storey, 410m2 youth centre that was designed in collaboration with the young people of Tadley, was recently featured in Dezeen.

The Point is truly a project for the community and by the community. The young people worked in collaboration with us to develop the design and their ideas and aspirations were brought to life through the town’s residents who voted to have an uplift on their own council tax charge to help fund the project – for every £1 contributed by Tadley Council taxpayers, the Tadley & District Community Association secured an additional £2.88 in grants or donations towards the project.

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