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Surface Design Award Winner

21 February 2017

The Box theatre topped the Light and Exterior Surface award category at the Surface Design Awards in London earlier this month. The award is dedicated to the innovative use of light and the way it is inextricably linked to surfaces and we’re thrilled our work at the College was recognised.

The theatre uses translucent polycarbonate rainscreen panels by Rodeca for their range of colours, transparency, lightweight look and feel and ability to be backlit.

“Rodeca was chosen because it can be back-lit whole providing a colourful and lightweight appearance during the day. Because of its transparency we were also able to use it as a diffuser for the hypertext signage of the theatre. A good colour range and different levels of transparency between panel types afforded a range of options with which to play with on the façade.” – Dominic Gaunt, Project Director

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WAN Awards

Colour in Architecture

7 February 2017

The Box Theatre and Performing Arts Centre has been long listed for the WAN Colour in Architecture Award.

The award celebrates projects that harness the use of colour to dramatically transform a building or enhance the experience for its users and community.

The shortlist will be announced later this month.


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